Clement Dunn and Sharon Gerussi-Lock invited to speak with Melbourne University Students

Entertainment Lawyers Clement Dunn and Sharon Gerussi-Lock were recently invited to speak with Melbourne University Students from the Entertainment Deals course offered in the MLS Juris Doctorate program.

Clem offered an anecdote-filled look at the unique area that is entertainment law. With clients who vary greatly between each other – from first-timers to seasoned production houses – Clem reflected on the unique clientele the entertainment team at Marshalls+Dent+Wilmoth service, recounting his experiences with clients, agents, distributors and studios.

Sharon walked students through the process of identifying and clearing third party rights incorporated into a film/television program. Through the use of a visual aid, Sharon worked with the students to identify the myriad of third party clearances required in a television program destined for international distribution.

Finally, Sharon explained the key terms of an Option and Deed of Assignment, ending with a practical exercise centred on the key terminology in an Option and the practicalities of negotiating with third parties.

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