Health care decisions made simpler

Health care decisions made simpler

The Victorian Government has simplified medical treatment laws. You can make decisions today about your future health care, without numerous detailed consent forms. Under the Medical Treatment Planning and Directions Act 2006 there are two straightforward options — the Advanced Care Directive (ACD) and the Medical Treatment Decision Maker (MTDM).

What’s the Advanced Care Directive (ACD)?

There’s two types of ACD. You can choose one or both.

  • Instructional directive


This legally obliges health care practitioners to follow your instructions about future treatment. It must be 100% clear or it will have no legal force and, it can’t include palliative care directions.

  • Value directive


This outlines your general views and values around health care; rather than specific treatments. Since it’s just a guide, your medical team isn’t legally obliged to follow it.

What’s a Medical Treatment Decision Maker (MTDM)?

An MTDM is someone you know who’s reliable, trustworthy and calm in a crisis. You appoint them to help you make medical decisions, or select treatment choices on your behalf.

If you’re incapacitated, your MTDM makes the care decisions they believe you would’ve made. If you’re not incapacitated, an MTDM can help collect and interpret documents and relay complex medical advice.

Download directive forms at or call the Department of Health and Human Services on 1300 208 582 for mailed copies.

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