Spin Out

Spin Out is a film which celebrates a uniquely Australian cultural event – a Bachelor and Spinsters Ball. It’s also a “valentine to the generous, fun-loving, Australian spirit’.

This big hearted rom-com takes place over the course of one fateful B + S ball, where Southern-crossed lovers Billy and Lucy may finally reveal their feelings to each other – if they can stop setting each other up with other people first.

The film was shot entirely on location in Shepparton, with writer/director Tim Ferguson’s (Doug Anthony All-Stars, Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush) comedic touch evident throughout. Marshalls + Dent Lawyers worked closely with producers David Redman and Marc Gracie (who also co-directs) to provide production legals on the film, with M+D partner Bryce Menzies also serving as executive producer.

Spin Out also boasts a young and talented cast including Morgan Griffin (San Andreas, Charlie & Boots) and Xavier Samuel (A Few Best Men, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse), and feature musical performances from Taylor Henderson and Brooke McClymont. Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions distributes the film worldwide, and will give Shepparton the international spotlight.

Spin Out is in cinemas 15 September 2016.

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