MDW Express: Affordable, custom-made legal documents for your business

MDW Express: Affordable, custom-made legal documents for your business

marshalls+dent+wilmoth lawyers launches its online document venture. Offering customised legal documents for start-ups and SMEs, it’s a first-rate service at a fraction of the cost of other business law products

MDW Express
 is an online platform which creates legal documents at a competitive price. A market-leading, automated process, it’s specifically designed for start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

In a marketplace crowded with do-it-yourself legal documents, MDW Express is a unique offering, expertly combining:

  • Our years of commercial and business experience
  • The ability to cater to individual needs
  • Streamlined legal services

How does it work?

If you’ve ever been stung by a chat with a lawyer, or you hate legal meetings, MDW Express may be for you.

Use our online service to create legal documents, all without attending a meeting. Quick-turnaround customised business documents at an affordable price. It’s an outstanding concept which has been warmly welcomed by our SME clients.

But how does it work? It’s as easy as one-two-three-four.

Step 1 – Select the document

Once you know your business requirements, head to MDW Express and choose from various documents, including:

  • Privacy Policies
  • IP Assignment agreement
  • Shareholders agreement
  • Employment agreement
  • Terms and conditions
  • Services agreement

Step 2 – Fill in the form

Answer some straightforward questions about your business.

Step 3 – Follow up

Once you’ve submitted your form, one of our expert lawyers will contact you (usually within 24 hours) to discuss your document. They’ll check the information is complete, and make any recommendations about how the document will best work for your business.

Step 4 – Completion

We’ll draft the document and send it back to you (usually within 48 hours). As soon as you pay your invoice, it’s yours.

“You can organise a contract for anything while still in your pyjamas,” said MDW Principal Josh Kaplan. We know he’s onto something. In this coronavirus era of self-isolation, this service couldn’t come at a better time. You can set up the essential legal infrastructure for your business in the safety of your own home.

Why use MDW Express?

MDW Express isn’t like other online legal document services. There are plenty of services which allow you to input basic details to generate a templated legal document instantly. You get almost the same document as every other customer. Usually, the only difference is your name.

The problem is that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t often allow for individual business idiosyncrasies and unique legal needs.

That’s why, before we create your custom document, we get in touch with you to make sure we’re covering all bases.

Why start-ups and SMEs?

MDW Express is targeted at start-ups and SMEs. We understand the challenges and thrills of the start-up journey, and we’ve spent years helping SMEs through legal issues. We’re tremendously proud of our accomplishments and our long-term relationships with many of our clients.

We’ve helped some of Australia’s best-known high growth corporates and start-ups. And we know that MDW Express will fill a market gap for these businesses, with quick legal solutions to business challenges.

As Josh says, “When it comes to getting business contracts drawn up, it’s a whole new world.”

Which jurisdictions will MDW Express service?

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, MDW Express can provide documents to businesses in Victoria and Australia-wide.

MDW Express went live on 2 March 2020.  In keeping with current COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no party but plenty of fanfare about this exceptional new service.

Supporting your business with custom-made legal documents

MDW Express is open for business. Visit our website to find out more and try the service for yourself. Or contact Josh Kaplan on (03) 9670 5000 to discuss your business needs.