Considering another festive cocktail at the work Christmas party?

Considering another festive cocktail at the work Christmas party?

Another year, another invite to the annual office festive season party…

The festive season and office Christmas parties are now in full swing. Before you accept the invitation to the annual office party, you are reminded to keep the following in mind:

  1. Your event may have an unlimited bar tab where you could find yourself having another cocktail. Be mindful of your alcohol consumption to avoid saying something you might regret the next day.
  2. Avoid making comments about your views to someone in another department who you have not spoken to at all during the year (or you have spoken to a lot) under the influence of that further cocktail.
  3. Avoid wearing inappropriate cloths that you wouldn’t wear to work. Remember this function is an extension of the office and if you would not wear it to the office, then it should not be worn to the Christmas party!
  4. Ensure that you keep a professional standard at all times and remember you are at the office party with colleagues and bosses and your behavior will be monitored and any bad behavior during the festive party may affect your role when you return to the office after the festivities are over!
  5. Remember the party may be over but your behavior will not be forgotten…

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This article was written by Litigation Principal Nicolina Lademann.


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