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Conveyancing Services


We offer a full range of legal and property services enabling us to protect your interests in all property transfer-related matters.

Our property lawyers and conveyancers are experienced in managing property sales and purchases and will remove the stress and difficulty involved in buying or selling a property. Learn about our conveyancing services below.

Conveyancing Services

We can help with:

  • Purchase or sale of a property (existing and off the plan)
  • Property transfers (related party or restructures)
  • Property developments, including multi lot settlements
  • Lodgement and withdrawal of caveats
  • Lost title applications
  • LPR lodgements and surviving proprietor applications (Wills & Estates)
  • Purchase, sale, leasehold for retirement villages

As a law firm, we can assist you in more than just conveyancing. In the event of a dispute we are also well equipped to resolve any disputes that may arise prior to settlement. Disputes can sometimes arise in the following circumstances (for example):

  • The condition of the property prior to settlement, particularly when severe damage has occurred after the day of sale;
  • When a party has not received what they were entitled to or have alternatively received an inferior product – this can occur when purchasing off-the-plan;
  • The existence of arrears or money owed on a property, this can be caused by unpaid owner’s corporation fees, land tax and or rates.

There are a number of important considerations when preparing sales documentation for real estate transactions. Attached is our current Sales Instruction Form, which we work through with our vendors to ensure that the sales documentation (including disclosure material) is watertight.

Conveyancing Services FAQs

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership of a property to a new person or entity. This process is typically complex involving numerous financial and administrative tasks. This includes, for example:

  • Representing your interests as the vendor/purchaser;
  • Prepare and lodge legal documents;
  • Liaise with financial institutions;
  • Calculate adjustments of taxes and rates;
  • Attendance to settlement (PEXA);
  • Notifying relevant authorities with respect to change of ownership.

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