Development sales and management at a touch of a button

Development sales and management at a touch of a button

Our property team at marshalls+dent+wilmoth lawyers are pleased to announce our recent rollout of the “PlanIT” platform for a major developer client of ours, Kataland, in connection with its development “Underbank”.

The PlanIT online portal is an absolute game changer for developers such as Kataland, and their agents (Latitude Real Estate), as it makes management and sales of their off-the-plan projects a breeze, as compared to the way that projects have traditionally been managed and sold.

Primarily, PlanIT is an online eContract management and eSigning platform.  The benefits are numerous and significant, derived from the following features:

  • eContracts are prepared electronically within minutes from the PlanIT portal by us, the agent or the developer.  Once prepared, the eContract is generated automatically and emailed to all relevant parties for review and signing;
  • eContracts are signed by all parties electronically, on phone, tablet or computer, with PlanIT’s electronic signing solution, SignIT. 
  • Once all parties have signed electronically, a .pdf of the signed Contract is instantly generated and emailed to all relevant parties to effect instant exchange. 
  • The status of each and every lot within the development is tracked and managed on the portal in real time.  Significantly, this allows for the instantaneous creation and export of essential and valuable project related data reports (such as unsold lots, lots sales data, settlement status) from the PlanIt portal. 

John Ahern, InfoTrack CEO said, “We’re excited that marshalls+dent+wilmoth lawyers have implemented InfoTrack’s PlanIT solution to assist with electronic contract management of off the plan property development. Preparing documentation electronically and e-signing has become more important than ever before to maintain business as usual and enhance productivity. This smart solution will assist marshalls+dent+wilmoth lawyers to finalise their off the plan matters more efficiently and securely”.

We have no doubt that our recent implementation of PlanIT will contribute to the ongoing success of Kataland’s current and future development projects, and we look forward to utilising such a platform for other developer clients.

Should you require any further information in relation to the PlanIT portal, please contact Jeffrey Pinch, Andrew Power or Jessica Lee on 03 9670 5000.